In the heart of Geneva

The founders

Dominique Vaucher

On her mother’s side, Dominique Vaucher comes from a line of multi-talented artists. The Regamey family has included painters, illustrators, watercolour artists, engravers and lithographers. So she grew up in an environment where creative expression was the norm. Trained in visual arts, Dominique Vaucher learned to channel her talent through several techniques she acquired over time. Dabbling in frescoes, murals and optical illusions, she successfully moved on to oil painting. When she met Olivier Vaucher in 2003 she discovered the art of working with very small sizes. She added her sensibility to his work and together she and her future husband developed a decidedly artistic and vibrant approach to crafts used in watchmaking.

Olivier Vaucher

Olivier Vaucher perpetuates and develops the art of engraving as traditionally practised in the Swiss watch industry. Inventive and daring, he has also learned to master new decorative skills. At the same time, Olivier Vaucher has developed innovative manufacturing processes using advanced technology to create unprecedented ornamentation. Passionate about his art, Olivier Vaucher has a pioneering spirit and his achievements are regularly cited as examples.