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Gemstones and Mother of pearl

Translucent materials are ideal for adding depth and mystery.

When light is reflected in the material, a unique glow shines through its volume and depth.

Gemstones: jewels of the earth

Each piece of gemstone or mother of pearl is unique and tells a story that goes far back in time, it is a fragment of life.

Mother of pearl: a tale of alchemy

Mother of pearl is a fragile and delicate material that reveals its secrets and unveils its exquisite beauty in the hands of a master craftsman. An alchemy is created between the material and the craftsman. The design takes shape in harmony with the idiosyncrasies of the material which are particular to each piece and impossible to predict in advance.

Each stone has its own character

Each stone has its own character, some allow themselves to be worked more than others. We have to be mindful of the brittleness of certain materials that are delicate to work with when removing extremely thin layers.

Painstaking technique

Just like wood, which has a different appearance and technical merits depending on the direction in which it is cut, stones are cut depending on the desired result by matching areas of colour to showcase the brightness and vivacity of its hue.

Mosaics: it’s all about artistic sensibility

Each stone must be cut with the energy matching its characteristics (soft, delicate, crumbly, hard, etc.) This is where our artistic sensibility steps in and we adapt our perspective and our expertise to get the right result. It’s something magical. That’s the beauty of nature.

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