Ethics and environment

Social and environmental awareness

A pleasant working environment

The welfare of our employees and the inter-personal dimension is at the heart of our priorities and we provide our employees with ideal working conditions to make sure that everyone can thrive both in their daily tasks and within the team.

A stone’s throw from the water fountain and in the heart of a lively city centre, our offices are ideally located for local shops and restaurants and are not far from the quiet lakeside gardens.

Ecology as a philosophy

We also attach great importance to respect for the environment and we strive to facilitate a green lifestyle for our employees. We have set up a waste recycling system in our workshop for commercial waste (chemicals, paper, etc.) and food waste from our company cafeteria. We use ecological cleaning products and we offer our employees an electric bike as a loyalty bonus after 5 years. We have also installed a bike park in front of our entrance to encourage our employees to cycle to work.

Health, safety and workplace protection measures (MSST)

The protection of health and safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility and we are committed, along with our employees, to take any and all protective measures necessary. Training and information sessions on various topics dealing with safety and personal protection are organized regularly and updated each year.