Roaring Into Life At Full Gallop: Hermès Arceau Tigre Email Ombrant


Roaring Into Life At Full Gallop: Hermès Arceau Tigre Email Ombrant

by Elizabeth Doerr



In recent years, high-end luxury watch brands have put quite a bit of emphasis on dials decorated with exquisite artistry, with enamel work being particularly popular. One could even almost describe enamel as the new grail material for dials among quality watch marques.

Along with Jaquet Droz and Ulysse Nardin, La Montre Hermès has been on the frontlines of the recent resurgence of this artistic phenomenon involving molten crushed glass. The launch of the Slim d’Hermès Email is a perfect case in point (email is French for “enamel,” not electronic mail).

While enamel appears to have become the new favorite in dial embellishment because it a pure, elegant, eternally lasting, and traditionally linked material, both brands and the enamel artists themselves are always on the lookout for artistic techniques that will differentiate them from their competitors.

Timepieces with rare dials like these can only be produced in extremely limited series.

One of Hermès’ main horological introductions for 2016 originates in the overriding annual theme, which guides all the creations emerging from the whole of Hermès’ company, extending through all 14 product categories. This year’s theme is “nature at full gallop.”

“We have developed artistic pieces depicting wildlife,” Hermès’ artistic director for watches Philippe Delhotel explained. “We were inspired by creations of the very talented Robert Dallet, an artist who worked with Hermès in the 1980s.”

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