The Olivier Vaucher Workshops take part in the training of young people


We wish a good return to school to all the young people who undergo training. The Olivier Vaucher Workshops understand how it’s important for young people learning a job to exchange with accomplished professionals to really understand in what will consist their future profession. Our company regularly receives some students to make them discover our expertise and strengthen their motivation to study at school to one day work in watchmaking. This year, we have already received a class of the Ecole d’horlogerie de Genève, but also some integration classes, reorientation classes and students doing an internship to discover the professional world. Because informing and transmitting is crucial for the Olivier Vaucher Workshops, it’s with pleasure that we encourage young people to come in our building to share our passion with us.


Interested in an internship in our workshops? If you have a CFC of engraving or jewelry, a technical training or some knowledge in enamel, don’t hesitate to send us your resume at the address:

(be careful, the internship must be under contract and compulsory in the school career).