The Olivier Vaucher workshop will be at the EPHJ exhibition - stand R99


The Olivier Vaucher workshop will be delighted to welcome you to stand R99 where an unforgettable experience awaits you.

The Olivier Vaucher workshop is continually reinventing itself. Having transformed its website, it has registered for RJC certification.
This year has seen both traditional and technological research leading to two quite contrasting successes.
Olivier Vaucher has drawn on 19th century patents and revived an ancient enamelling technique, never before used in watchmaking. Once again, the magic of centuries past has found a way of expressing itself in keeping with the aesthetic expectations of our time.
At the same time, the workshop has broken through its creative boundaries by achieving another feat, also with enamel, but this time using Femto laser technology in 3D modelling enamel reliefs that catch the light like precious stones.
With this passion to push the boundaries of technology on the one hand, and the love of tradition, on the other hand, Olivier Vaucher is constantly navigating a path between these two opposites, each as fascinating to explore as the other, by the richness of their diversity.