Ecological awareness at the Olivier Vaucher Workshops


Respect of the environment is crucial to ensure the future of our planet, and that the Olivier Vaucher Workshops are fully aware of. This is why the company has set up a set of initiatives in house to preserve the world around us at best. It possesses in particular a recycling scheme of professional waste (chemical products, paper, etc.) and food scraps (cardboard, glass, PET, coffee pods, etc.).  The products our team of housekeepers uses are green and the paper for our printings is recycled. Moreover, we call on bike couriers rather than car couriers for our shipments.  We also avoid to waste paper opting to double-side printings and e-documents. Finally, our company has installed a bike parking in front of our building to encourage the employees to use sustainable transport modes. All those small things enable the Olivier Vaucher Workshops to participate at its scale in nature conservation.