Continuous training in enamel at the Olivier Vaucher Workshops


The coming of Dominique in 2003 is a key moment in the activity of the Olivier Vaucher Workshops. Indeed, she developed the art of enamel inside the company, which was only dedicated to engraving before. Olivier Vaucher Workshops became thereby a true producer of art dials in the watchmaking sector, also thanks the creation of a technical department. We understand the importance for our employees to update their knowledge and to keep aware of the latest technics, so we invest in the continuous training so that they can excel in their art. In this respect, we have hired Florence at the beginning of the year, an expert of enamel passionate about transmission of knowledge, to train our team of enamelers. We have taken the opportunity to ask her some questions about her job and her experience in our company:

What do you see as the essential qualities of an enameler?

F: “At first I would say patience, because an enameler is learning throughout life. Humility then, since we have to adjust to the constraints of the material. Openness to others and curiosity are also essential to understand and to go beyond in the field of enamel. Moreover, the enameler must be audacious, dare trying new things, and be confident in his/her creative capacities. Finally, obstinacy, what it means not fearing failure and persevering to improve.”

How many times did it take you to be fully operational as an enameler?

F: “An enameler is never fully operational because he/she is always learning when working the material. For my part, it took me several years to be working optimally.”

How did you become an enameller?

F: “My training to become an enameler was conducted in several steps:

  • First, I learned the “industrial” enamel and the enamel on copper for pleasure in a workshops of the Haut Jura in France.
  • After that, I met an enameler in watchmaking who taught me the basis of enamel miniature.
  • I began to work then in a company of luxury watchmaking, which gave me the chance to develop my knowledge and my creativity.
  • Meeting other craftsmen, taking training courses and visiting exhibitions enrich me a lot today in my enamel practice.”

What do you enjoy in working at the Olivier Vaucher Workshops?

F: “I love working in the team of enamelers of the Olivier Vaucher Workshops and having the opportunity to pass down my expertise. This company is extremely oriented towards new technologies and constantly looking for new uses of the material. I enjoy the idea that new developments in terms of enamel are possible in this workshop.”

Which could be the workstream to develop in those workshops in 2018?

F: “I guess it could be judicious to organize for the team of enamelers some days dedicated to the discovery of the field of enamel so as to improve their creative potential. Another way to explore could be the specialization of the enamelers: each one has general knowledge and it could be certainly interesting they master a specific technic in more details.”